A taste of Japan!

Appetizers & Noodle Dishes

You can enjoy our pre cooked Japanese Dumplings straight out of the box or you can heat them up in just a few minutes, offering you an authentic Asian experience

Our refreshing Goma Wakame Salad is based on a traditional Japanese recipe and is an ideal side dish for our sushi boxes

Fluffy and delicious, Bao Bun is an irresistible street food consisting of a steamed bun and various types of fillings. Try it with the filling of your choice, and travel to the outdoor markets of the Far East. Enjoy it hot.

Noodles are a favorite dish that fills us with satisfaction, while it is no coincidence that they are probably the most popular Asian comfort food. We suggest them in wonderful combinations with delicious ingredients and wonderful sauces, for an enjoyable and light meal.

Find Appetizers & Noodle Dishes at a market near you.