An exciting ethnic food experience

About Us

Ethnic Foods S.A. is a business idea that was born in 2002 out of the love two friends had for sushi, a love we’ve captured in the company logo. Over the years, we made new friends and they came to love Japanese food too. That is how my sushi became theirs as well. What is the innovation that we brought to the market? That you do not need to go to a Japanese restaurant to enjoy sushi. Or need to be taught the difficult secrets of the Japanese art of preparing sushi to make it yourself. Instead sushi comes to you, to your local supermarket or neighborhood deli, making it an easy, everyday pleasure. We have managed to make the fresh food chilled area of the supermarket and deli a place where people can become more aware of the much-loved and fascinating culture of Japan.

We are compliant with the international Food Safety protocol FSSC 22000.


Ko 31, 14452 Metamorfosi Attiki
Tel.: 210 2853448, Fax: 210 2853449


Tel.: 210 2853448